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Interactive Display DTF-720

( Wacom )
Price: $1,559

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This interactive pen display is an excellent option for people using applications that benefit of working direct with pen on screen, especially those favoring a non-widescreen display. It can be utilized for redlining and signing documents, annotating and sharing presentations, completing forms, creating hand-drawn imagery, and capturing handwritten notes.

  • 17" display with 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Built-in VGA pass-thru connector allows mirroring directly from pen display to a projector or another display
  • Two user-accessible USB ports to provide easy access to your favorite USB devices
  • Completely flat surface
  • Adjustable stand that allows for 17 to 73 degrees of incline

Intuitive to use.

  • Take advantage of your natural hand-eye coordination to work more quickly in any software application.
  • It replicates the pen on paper experience for writing, drawing, marking up.
  • When navigating with absolute positioning, the cursor is exactly where you point on screen with the pen.

Natural control and accuracy.

  • Wacom's patented pen technology uses electromagnetic resonance to provide pixel-level accuracy and 100% hand-rejection.
  • Work with the pen on the screen—directly on your digital source files and documents.
  • With 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, you can control your software tools by changing how hard you press the pen tip on the pen display.

Easy setup for productive communication.

  • Built-in VGA pass-thru connector allows easy connection to second monitor or projector that mirrors pen display.
  • Two integrated USB 2.0 ports provide easy access to USB devices.


  • The stand inclines between 17 degrees and 73 degrees so it can be set at a comfortable working angle.
  • Completely flat surface allows the pen and hand to glide over the entire surface.

Custom configurations.

  • Programmable side switches can be set to a variety of functions.
  • Driver software allows you to create universal settings for your display or alter your settings by application.
  • Customizable pop-up menus put additional commands at your fingertips.

Superior performance.

  • Hardened glass surface to provide durability and longevity.
  • The LCD itself has been structured to eliminate any screen distortion when the pen tip is pressed against the surface.
  • Wacom's pens are cordless and battery-free for superior reliability and performance.


Active Area

13.3" x 10.65" (337.8mm x 270.5mm)

Data Port

USB (Works with VGA or DVI video source)

Native Resolution

1280 x 1024

Physical Size

15.75"w x 14.25"d x 2.2"h (400.0mm x 362.0mm x 55.9mm)

Pressure Levels


Screen Size

17" diagonal

Stand Adjustability

17° - 73° incline

Each package contains:

  • DTF-720 interactive pen display
  • Cordless, battery-free pen with replacement nibs and a pen tether
  • Power adapter and power cable
  • USB data cable
  • VGA-VGA video cable
  • User Manual
  • CD with driver software for installation

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP or Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.

Available DVI or VGA connection, USB port, and CD/DVD drive.






Overall Dimensions
(W x D x H, excluding Stand)
22.2" x 14.7" x 2.2" (563.9mm x 373.4mm x 55.9mm) 15.75" x 14.25" x 2.2" (400.0mm x 362.0mm x 55.9mm) 16.5" x 11.1" x 1.9" (419.1mm x 281.9mm x 48.3mm)
(including Stand)
16.3 lb. (7.4 kg) 13.2 lb. (6.0 kg) 9.5 lb. (4.3 kg)
Graphics input Analog RGB or
digital DVI
Analog RGB Analog RGB or
digital DVI
Video Pass-Thru Yes (DVI-I) Yes (VGA) Yes (DVI-I)
User USB Ports 2 2 2
Stand adjustability 15° - 72° incline 17° - 73° incline 19° - 72° incline
Mounting system VESA 100mm VESA 75mm VESA 75mm
Work surface Completely flat glass,
textured anti-glare
Completely flat glass Completely flat glass

Display Specifications

Screen size 21.5" diagonal
(18.78" wide x 10.56")
17" diagonal
(13.3" x 10.65")
15.6" diagonal
(13.63" x 7.70")
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 1280 x 1024 1366 x 768
Aspect Ratio 16:9 5:4 16:9
Brightness 200 cd/m² 300 cd/m² 255 cd/m²
Contrast ratio 700:1 650:1 400:1
Video Scaling Yes No Yes

Tablet Specifications

Technology Patented electromagnetic resonance method Patented electromagnetic resonance method Patented electromagnetic resonance method
Active area 18.78" x 10.56" (477.0mm x 268.2mm) 13.3" x 10.65" (337.8mm x 270.5mm) 13.63" x 7.70" (346.2mm x 195.6mm)
Resolution 2,540 lines per inch 508 lines per inch 2,540 lines per inch

Pen Specifications

Type Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
Configuration Tip switch, 2 side
switches, eraser,
tether hole
Tip switch, 2 side
switches, tether
hole cap
Tip switch, 2 side
switches, eraser,
tether hole
Pressure levels 512 512 512
Grip Contoured Contoured Contoured
Tether 24" nylon fiber included 24" nylon fiber included 24" nylon fiber included


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