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Deskfive is an electronic visitor management system, designed to deliver powerful tracking features and astonishing analysis reports in a mouse click. Comprehensive, efficient and very user friendly Deskfive, tracks, manage and generate detailed progress reports using very little of one of the most valuable of resources: TIME.
Deskfive provides powerful but simple solutions for all receptionist needs.

Easy Check in Check out
  • Intelligent Typing Aid and intuitive interface
  • The integration with Corex CardScan enables you to scan data from business cards automatically to database


  • Tracks visitors entering and exiting facilities
  • Secure your company, knowing your visitors with Photo acquisition and Printing (VFW & Twain)

Badge layout and issuing

  • Customize badges layout and print to card, label or paper printers.
  • Automatically prints the route map to visitor destination.


  • Predefined or customized information of analysis and reports
  • With queries resources, your reports (view/print), give a history view of most frequently visited staff and visitors.
  • Control company logistics

Save Time

  • Check in and out multiple visitors.
  • ODBC compliant with network compatible
  • Automatic email notification when visitor arrives
  • Real time visitor tracking and location
Deskfive includes a demo version, of Face-Snap Plug-in.
Face Snap plug in automates the productions of portrait images from photos or standard-twain-devices using artificial intelligence applied to computer vision. Face Snap recognizes faces on a scenario and cuts the important area automatically.


Packages & Installation
Setup Programs on CD
Windows Compatible Windows 95/98/Me Windows NT, 2000, XP
KeyFive (Smart Card) software protection with serial or USB interface
Manual Printed and On-Line
FaceSnap Optional Plug-In Plug-in added to CardFive by RLL technology. Identify a face on a picture, crop the face out of the scene and improve image quality.
Free updates from our Web Site
Auto typing aid
Card Scan interface Scan visitor's business card wich automatically places data in the visitor record with built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Route Maps Print personalized staff route maps for visitor meeting location.
Multi Lobby Specify entrances in multiple lobbies located in the same building
Pre-Booking Create, manage and preview future events, visitors, resources with estimated time for easy check IN and resources management
Multi-Companies Register visits for different companies in same building
Twain Image acquisition Interface Scanner, digital camera or any Twain device to acquire photos to visitor record
Video for Windows image acquisition Interface Real Time Video on a visitor record
Custom Fields Customize checkpoint tracking with Custom fields
Backups Create Backups for history of company visits
Automatic email notification Automatically send email notification to staff member of visitors arrival
Emergency list Create and print emergency list of all visitors in the building
Multiple visitors Check several visitor for same staff member
Scan visitors driver's license With Bartizan ID Detective device, scan driver's license information automatically to visitor record (only for US drivers license)
Reports & Data Analysis
View & print reports in real time Print reports of data such as visitors in building, staff in meeting and resources in use
View and print reports Reports of Top Staff, Top Visitors, Resources, Pre-booking
Data analysis View visitor's, resources in use and meetings in real time from other computers on same LAN
Run back office for data maintaining
Shared database Use multi computers running with shared database
External Database Maximum connectivity with ODBC (Access, Paradox, FoxPro, Excel, text, SQL)
Network Printer Multi Computer running with shared badge printer
Badge print Customized badge layout and print to card, label or paper printers
Auto print Automatically print badges by adding visitors to database shared with CardFive in auto print
Print data Reports, emergency list, visitors, history, etc
Logins Separate access rights for each user: create, edit, view, import data, configure, and others


  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Offices Reception
  • Financial Buildings
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Wharehouses
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing and industry Entrances Control
  • Trade Shows
  • Prison and Correctional Facilities


Last Updated: Monday, 24 January 2022 17:36

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