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Pulsar XT Solid State Drive

( Seagate )
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Ultimate SDD enterprise performance

Pulsar® XT.2 solid state drives deliver extreme, consistent speed for complex, mixed workload environments. These drives also deliver the data integrity and endurance needed to withstand the demands of performance-hungry, write-intensive enterprise environments.

  • Fast, consistent performance (random write performance up to 18% higher than closest competitor)
  • High reliability (Capable of completing over 35 full drive writes per day)
  • Advanced media-management helps protect against data change and loss
  • Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)* security options (400GB only)
2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Overview 1

Consistent performance.

Fast, accurate delivery of high-value data is paramount in contemporary data centers. Pulsar XT.2 drives deliver fast, consistent performance, providing the extreme speed required by write-intensive, Tier 0 applications using complex, mixed workloads.
2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Overview 2

Endurance, integrity and data protection

The Pulsar XT.2 SSD is capable of routinely completing over 35 full drive writes per day (up to 25 petabytes over the life of the device). And these drives utilize advanced media-management techniques to help protect against unexpected data change or loss.
2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Overview 3

Reduces system complexity

Using the industry-standard SAS interface, the 2.5-inch Pulsar XT.2 drive interfaces seamlessly and improves scalability, while avoiding software stack compatibility issues.


2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Features 1

Consistent, Fast Performance

Pulsar XT.2 drives are designed for complex, mixed-workload enterprise environments. They perform background data and media management tasks without impacting end-user performance.

These drives deliver:

  • The fastest random write performance available in a small form factor, SAS-based SSD
  • The best balance of random read to random write performance
  • The speed that write-intensive, Tier 0 applications need
  • Minimal time variance between read and write operations.

2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Features 2

Enterprise class endurance and data integrity

Pulsar XT.2 solid state drives routinely complete over 35 full drive writes per day (up to 25 petabytes written over the life of the device), providing the endurance needed in demanding enterprise environments.

  • Advanced media-management techniques to help protect against unexpected data change or loss
  • Media scanning helps protect against read disturb data errors
  • Protection Information helps ensure data is not unintentionally changed throughout its lifecycle
  • Power-loss data protection helps ensure data is not lost or inadvertently changed during power loss
  • Advanced wear-leveling algorithms evenly write across all NAND blocks to maximize the life of the SSD.
2.5 Pulsar XT.2 Features 3

Scalability and reduced system complexity

Pulsar XT.2 drives feature the industry-standard SAS interface to improve scalability and avoid software stack compatibility issues. With a standard 2.5-inch form factor, these drives are hotpluggable into blade servers, general servers and direct-attached storage (DAS) for easy upgrading to solid state technology.

  • 6 GB/s SAS interface for easy scalability
  • 2.5-inch form factor fits existing HDD slots
  • Hotpluggable to avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Common storage foundation to reduce system complexity and operating overhead


Model NumberCapacityInterfaceEncryptionMaximum Operating Shock
ST400FX0002 400GB SAS 6Gb/s 1000Gs
ST400FX0012 400GB SAS 6Gb/s Encryption 1000Gs
ST200FX0002 200GB SAS 6Gb/s 1000Gs
ST100FX0002 100GB SAS 6Gb/s 1000Gs


Pulsar XT Solid State Drive Datasheet (339,51 KB)

Last Updated: Friday, 22 October 2021 03:32

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