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AI-Ready NAS



Engineered for Machine Learning for Model-based Services

The TS-2888X packs everything required for machine learning to help organizations quickly and easily implement AI applications.

alt Huge Storage Potential
Data is the key to AI, and the TS-2888X provides the potential for huge capacities to remove the storage bottleneck from AI development.
alt Ready-to-use AI Environment
QNAP’s QuAI computing platform reduces the time and complexity of implementation and management.
alt Powerful Computing
The TS-2888X supports multiple graphics cards to empower data-intensive machine learning.
alt Secure & Private
Public cloud training is not suitable for confidential or sensitive data. Keep full control over all your data with the TS-2888X!
alt Comprehensive Backup Solution
Flexible backup tools and snapshots protect your data while also allowing efficient disaster recovery

The Core. The Power. The Lead.

The Intel® Xeon® W processors in the TS-2888X provide up to 18 cores/36 threads and up to 4.5 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, combined with up to 512 GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM 2666 MHz memory to deliver rapid workload loading and processing.

All-in-one AI Solution

The combination of system and softwarealt

Ready for AI. Built for intelligence.

Built around AI optimization with GPU-accelerated computing, hybrid-architecture storage, and a ready-to-use software environment, the TS-2888X greatly reduces the time and complexity for implementing and managing AI tasks with cost efficiency. It will help your organization drive more intelligent usage and identify business opportunities at every level.alt

Powerful CPU with liquid cooling

The TS-2888X is powered by a next-generation Intel® Xeon® W processor, available with up to 18 cores/36 threads of uncompromising processing power on a single die. An Asetek CPU liquid cooling system delivers unparalleled cooling performance for the 140-watt Xeon® CPU, effectively absorbing and transferring heat to ensure maximized performance.alt

DDR4 ECC memory

The TS-2888X supports quad-channel DDR4 ECC memory running at 2666 MHz, with eight memory slots that support up to 512 GB to deliver rapid workload loading and processing. ECC memory also decreases the risk of computational errors, providing a higher level of reliability for complex tasks such as machine learning. alt

Acceleration Cards

Up to 4 high-end graphics cards

GPUs are the heart of AI and machine learning, making training a machine learning data set possible in hours instead of days. The TS-2888X provides eight PCIe Gen3 slots that can accommodate up to four high-end graphics cards to unleash tremendous computing power. With enough space for cards up to 330mm in length, the TS-2888X can accommodate almost every type of graphics card on the market.


Hybrid-architecture storage, and more flash

Machine learning demands not only GPU power but also a dependable storage infrastructure that provides huge capacity potential for storing growing datasets and meets small file I/O requirements for AI workloads. The TS-2888X utilizes a hybrid architecture with support for high-capacity hard drives and high-performance SSDs to meet these scale and performance requirements.
- 8 x 3.5-inch/2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s HDD ports
- 4 x 2.5-inch U.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe SSD ports
- 16 x 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSD portsalt

2000W 80Plus Platinum PSU

The TS-2888X features a 2000W 80Plus Platinum power supply, providing the ability to easily handle multiple high-end graphics cards.alt

Versatile I/O connections

The TS-2888X provides various I/O connections to support applications and services that supplement your AI tasks. Besides Gigabit Ethernet ports, two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide high bandwidth for accelerating large file sharing and intensive data transfer. The USB ports also allow you to connect to different types of external devices.
- 2x 10GbE ports
- 4x GbE ports
- 4x USB 3.0
- 4x USB 2.0qnp 08

Compartmentalized smart cooling

The front-panel LCD display provides at-a-glance system status information. Behind the huge air inlet screen there are six smart fans that separately detect temperatures in different zones (CPU, PCIe slots, power supply unit, and storage) to provide smarter, quieter, and energy-efficient cooling. alt

QNAP TS-2888X-W2123-32G (19,04 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2133-64G (19,04 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2145-128G (19,06 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2145-256G (19,03 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2145-512G (19,04 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2175-128G (19,05 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2175-256G (19,03 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2175-512G (19,04 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2195-128G (19,06 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2195-256G (19,04 KB)
QNAP TS-2888X-W2195-512G (19,05 KB)

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