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QNAP TDS-16489U R2

( Qnap )
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Integrating an application server and storage server into one system, the next-generation TDS-16489U R2 also provides you with the option of using either QES (an enterprise-grade OS that provides efficient and reliable storage for mission-critical tasks) or QTS (a feature-rich OS for storage and diverse application servers). Whether being used as a file server, virtualization server, VDI, medium-sized data center, video streaming, surveillance storage, and efficient file backup & recovery, the flexible TDS-16489U R2 with dual CPU and dual OS options is your ideal solution.

alt Install PCIe cards to increase application performance, including 40GbE/ 25GbE/ 10GbE adapters, Fibre Channel cards, and graphics cards.
alt QES ensures data integrity with self-healing and uses end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption.
alt QES supports data deduplication and compression to optimize storage utilization and data access performance.
alt QES supports near-limitless snapshots and SnapSync for efficient remote backup & disaster recovery solution.
alt Reliable storage for virtualization. QTS supports hosting VMs and containers; QES supports block-level storage for OpenStack® environments.
alt QTS supports software-defined SSD over-provisioning to improve write performance for IOPS-demanding applications.

Multiplied computing power with dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors

Built for data-intensive applications and demanding workloads, the TDS-16489U R2 is powered by dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 multi-core processors, up to 1 TB quad-channel DDR4 2133MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM RAM (Long-DIMM x16), and 12Gb/s SAS drive support to deliver outstanding performance for data transmission and applications. While providing the power to handle CPU-demanding tasks and everyday application needs such as virtualization, video surveillance, and media streaming, the TDS-16489U R2's unrivaled performance provides the ability for businesses to improve their Big Data computing to explore greater business opportunities.

Extraordinary hardware design. Immense, reliable & innovative


  1. Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors
    Drive performance-demanding computing capabilities to handle complex, high-demanding workloads more efficiently.
  2. Quad-channel DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM RAM
    With 16 memory slots supporting up to 1 TB RAM. Install memory in multiples of 4 to take advantage of quad-channel RAM.
  3. 3x SAS 12Gb/s controllers
    Ensures each controller can fully utilize the total bandwidth of each drive to optimize performance and reliability.
  4. 4x 2.5-inch SSD slots
    Support SSD caching to improve IOPS performance. Also as QES system drive ports.
  5. IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
    IPMI operates independently from the operating system to allow administrators to remotely manage the TDS-16489U R2 even when the system is powered down. IPMI provides a web-based management interface, supports remote power-down and rebooting, and hardware monitoring and logs.
  6. 4x 10GbE SFP+ ports
    Fully support 10GbE networks, ideal for running bandwidth-demanding applications such as virtualization, large file sharing, and fast backup/restoration.
  7. 4x PCIe slots
    Supports 40GbE/ 25GbE/ 10GbE network cards, graphics cards, QM2 cards, Fibre Channel adapters*, and 12Gb/s SAS HBA for greater application potential.
    *Note: Support for Fibre Channel adapters will be available from QTS 4.4.1 and QES 2.2.0

Convertible NAS that supports two operating systems

The TDS-16489U R2 provides flexibility to choose from two operating systems, enabling businesses to deploy an operating system that fits their needs and goals in different stages.alt

QNAP Enterprise System


OS Kernel



File system




Snapshot upper limit



Remote disaster backup and recovery


Snapshot Replica


Deduplicate backup data at the source
(Hybrid Backup Sync 3.0)

Real-time data compression


End-to-end data integrity


Qtier (Auto Tiering)


Application services

(Virtualization Station, Web Server, multimedia service, etc.)


App Center


Application scenarios

• Reliable storage for mission-critical business tasks.
• The perfect backup storage for the dual-controller Enterprise ZFS NAS.

• High-performance storage with SSD and Qtier technology for maximized cost-efficiency.
• Storage for hosting virtual machines and containerized applications.
• Application server using QTS services (Web server, VPN server, FTP server, etc).

1. Either QES or QTS can be installed at a time.
2. Switching between operating systems requires reinitializing the disks. Ensure that all data is backed up before switching operating systems.

Abundant I/O capabilities with PCIe expansion

The TDS-16489U R2 features four PCIe slots (3 x PCIe Gen3 x8, 1 x PCIe Gen3 x16) that allow for the usage of various expansion cards to expand application potential.

40GbE/25GbE/10GbE NICs
Enable lightning-fast throughout for bandwidth-demanding tasks such as virtualization, massive data transmission, and fast backup/restoration. Empower the NAS with iSER support by installing Mellanox® SmartNICs.
Fibre Channel adapters
Create a Fibre Channel SAN for tackling IOPS-demanding applications and workflows that require reliable, on-time data delivery.
Note: Available from QTS 4.4.1 and QES 2.2.0
QM2 cards
Add M.2 SATA or NVMe SSDs for caching to optimize NAS performance.
Graphics cards
Accelerate QTS video processing and transcoding, GPGPU computing, and support GPU-passthrough to VMs.
12 Gb/s SAS HBA
Designed for connecting the TDS-16489U R2 to REXP expansion units for up to 1 PB storage capacity.

QNAP TDS-16489U-SE1-R2 (19,68 KB)
QNAP TDS-16489U-SE2-R2 (19,69 KB)
QNAP TDS-16489U-SF2-R2 (19,69 KB)
QNAP TDS-16489U-SF3-R2 (19,69 KB)

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