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Brands arrow Kodak arrow i6060 Cheque Scanner
PebbleCS-310 Single-Sided Card Printer

i6060 Cheque Scanner

( Kodak )
Price: $1,890

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 This product has been discontinued. There are no replacement model.

2500 Checks per day, 65 Checks per minute, Continuous with 50 document automatic feeder Feed mode

Where money is changing hands, accuracy counts above all. And when that accuracy depends on image quality, you want Kodak, the world’s imaging leader. KODAK i6000 Series Check Scanners produce complete, high-quality images for consistently accurate processing by the client application.


  • Optional Ink Jet printer that can endorse the checks prior to capturing the images
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Compact size for tight spaces
  • Magnetically reads MICR data for highly accurate data capture
  • Fast efficient scanning
  • Image quality that meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Included Ranger™ Driver easily integrates with a wide range of available software
  • Optional Pre-Scan Inkjet printer available

Moving money at the speed of sight.
Check scanners, software and services to benefit your business

Imagine a system that speeds check capture and cash flow the way e-mail has accelerated the pace of personal and business communications. Now, a comprehensive check imaging solution from Kodak can greatly accelerate cash flow in all types and sizes of businesses and organizations.

When Congress passed the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) in 2004, it removed the barriers to electronic check processing. The stage was set for checks to clear—and money to be moved—in a matter of hours instead of multiple days. It’s the way checks will be processed in the 21st century, and the check imaging solutions from Kodak enables it for your business.

Solutions from Kodak allows businesses to scan checks as soon as they are received. Data and images of checks are then transmitted electronically to the appropriate institution for processing and settlement. This enables money to be moved the same day, which greatly speeds your cash flow. And that’s business critical—no matter what business you’re in.

Today—Multiple Days for Processing

With the Check Imaging Solutions from KODAK—Almost Immediate Processing

{2jtab:Capture Software}

KODAK t6000 Client Software for Transaction Applications.
A robust application that speeds transactions and deploys easily in a wide range of application environments.

  • Supports the complete portfolio of KODAK Scanners
  • Automates data entry via recognition technologies
  • Reduces data entry through auto-population of fields in the host application
  • Reads MICR, Courtesy Amounts and Legal Amounts
  • Ensures that images are accurate and complete
  • Automatically prompts for any required rescans or data entry
  • Can perform automatic balancing for a single item or multiple transactions
  • Securely interfaces with KODAK t6000 Server Software
  • Can be easily customized to your specific requirements
  • Can support other manufacturers’ capture devices

KODAK t6000 Server Software for Transaction Centers
The power to support thousands of distributed capture clients across multiple customer accounts

  • Leverages standard internet security protocols
  • Checks for complete, accurate image and data capture
  • Sorts and routes by criteria such as ABA routing number for further exception processing, storage and routing to preferred clearing mechanisms
  • Outputs industry-standard X9.37 Image Cash Letter, Substitute Checks and ACH formatted files
  • Permits easy establishment of multiple client application parameters
  • Integrates with other business applications such as:
    • Customer Information Systems
    • Content Management Repositories
    • Remittance Processing Systems

{2jtab:Archiving Software}

Powerful archiving and retrieval to enhance productivity and customer service

Archives both Checks and Documents

  • Accepts input from both Kodak t6000 Client Software and Kodak t6000 Server Software for transaction Applications

Configurable Hierarchical Storage Management

  • Support for Server hard Disk, Magnetic Disk (RAID, SAN, NAS) CD/DVD Jukeboxes and offline CD/DVD media

Robust Security

  • Individual users or groups with public and private folders
  • Central administration of client parameters

Browser Based Query and Retrieval

  • Powerful cross-referencing allows documents and check images to be seamlessly linked or retrieved
  • Save images and data to Public and Private Folders
  • Advanced printing options
  • Publish customer information on CD/DVD


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