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ScanSnap S1300i

( Fujitsu )
Price: $349

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Speedy Performance

  • Able to scan up to 12 double sided color pages (24 images per minute) *1
  • Continuous scan capability with 10 pages sheet-fed paper chute and Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

    *1 This scanning speed is achieved when ScanSnap S1300i scans one A4 size document with AC power in normal mode (color 150dpi).

Mini & Portable

  • Lightweight and compact design with a dimension of 284mm x 99mm x 77mm and a weight of 1.4kg
  • Supports direct AC powered or USB powered operations *2
  • Optional trendy soft case is available for users to store and carry around the S1300i easily

    *2 Two USB 3.0/ USB 2.0/ USB 1.1 open ports are required for USB operations. One for power and the other for data transmission. The USB Mini-B connector is required for the data transmission cable.

Easy to Operate

  • “One Touch” scanning automatically captures both sides of a document in a single pass.
  • Intelligent scanning features such as automatic color detection, page orientation, de-skew and blank page removal can help users to achieve the quality of scans that they want.
  • Creates searchable PDF for easier references in future
  • Easy-to-use Quick Menu for connecting scanned documents to any applications such as Evernote®, Google docs™, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® quickly and easily
  • Safe to use, easy to maintain with user-friendly consumables

Useful Functionalities

  • Capable of scanning and organizing business cards to A4 size documents easily
  • Advanced functions for more control
    - Intelligent indexing converts highlighted words or sections of a scanned pdf image file into searchable keywords for easier future search and retrieval

    - Automatic color detection enhanced image quality of digitized documents containing photo images or shaded diagrams

    - Intelligent cropping (for Windows® only) detects and crops areas boxed in by highlighter pen for magazines and newspapers articles

  • Scan to more cloud services and mobile devices
    - Quick Menu allows users to upload documents to Dropbox, a leading online file syncing and storage services

    - ScanSnap Folder (for Windows® only) enables users to transfer their scanned documents to their preferred application or cloud services directly

    - ScanSnap Connect mobile application for mobile PDF viewing in iPad® and iPhone® devices is now available to AndroidTM smart phone and tablet users
  • Compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems

Bundled Software

  • Windows®: ScanSnap Manager V5.1, CardMinder V4.1, ABBYY FineReader V4.1, ScanSnap Organiser V4.1
  • Mac®: ScanSnap Manager V3.1. Cardiris V3.6, ABBYY FineReader V4.1

Scanning Documents to the Cloud Made Simpler

The S1300i brings significant upgrades for easier uploading of information to wider variety of software and cloud applications:

  • Introducing ScanSnap Folder for Windows®
    This new innovative function allows users to attach and upload their scanned documents to their choice of software or cloud service applications. This helps reduce the time needed for users to save and retransfer files to their preferred application and translates to higher productivity.*1
  • ScanSnap Welcomes Dropbox
    The latest Quick Menu includes a new function for saving scanned documents to Dropbox, one of today’s leading online syncing and storage services. Now with more cloud services to choose from, users are sure to find the right sharing platform for their documents.

    *1 ScanSnap Folder uses a temporary folder for receiving and passing data between the ScanSnap device and application and cloud service. The data stored in this folder is automatically deleted after a number of days.

Scans to a Great Range of Mobile Devices

The popular ScanSnap Connect mobile application supports wireless scanning to iPad®, iPhone® and AndroidTM platform smartphones and tablets users to save and view PDF files on the go.*2

*2 Starting from 22 June 2012, ScanSnap Connect Application will be available as a free download from the Google Play. Please note that the users are solely responsible for any data transmission costs that arise from downloading the free mobile application. To transmit data to the mobile device, the user must ensure that both the mobile device and the computer connected to ScanSnap are Wi-Fi enabled and running concurrently. Please note that ScanSnap Connect mobile application may not work with all devices running on AndroidTM OS 2.2 or later. Please check the ScanSnap product homepage for the list of the latest devices supported by the application.

ScanSnap Quick Menu

The ScanSnap Quick Menu automatically pops up after scanning to provide users, even novices with a way to connect scanned documents to their choice of applications such as email, Evernote® and Google docs™ quickly and easily. With the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine for Windows® and Mac®, Scansnap S1300i users can convert scanned documents into Microsoft applications such as Word® and Excel® file formats for further editing. *3

*3 While Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® are available to Windows users, only Microsoft® Word and Excel® are available for Mac users. Generated business card images and text data may vary from the original document.

Windows® Quick Menu

Mac® OS Quick Menu

Efficiently Scan and Organize Business Cards

S1300i comes with two high-value business card management applications namely the CardMinder 4.1 for Windows® and Cardiris 4.0 for Mac® that can help users store digitized business cards and encode the text for common contact management applications such as email, databases, Address Book for Mac users, Excel® for Windows users and more.

CardMinder V4.1 for Windows®

Cardiris V4.0 for Mac®

Scan to Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server for Windows®

Manage and share scanned documents in a network environment using the Scan to Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server function and elevate business efficiency and information utilization to new levels.

ScanSnap S1300i with Rack2-Filer V5.0 for Windows® (Optional Bundle)

The powerful digital filing application Rack2-Filer provides a fast and easy solution for digitizing and organizing an entire storeroom of various documents.*4 Users can flip through scanned documents in virtual binder and attach memos, mark passages and organize the binders in cabinets.

*4 The Rack2-Filer application is not included with ScanSnap S1300i by default. Users can only obtain the Rack2-Filer software by either purchasing the ScanSnap S1300i with Rack2-Filer bundle model or the Rack2-Filer stand-alone product from designated resellers.

ScanSnap S1300i Datasheet (1,27 MB)

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