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Brands arrow D-Link arrow DSN-6110 U-12 Bay IP SAN Storage
ZXP Series 8 Secure IssuanceFi-6770

DSN-6110 U-12 Bay IP SAN Storage

( D-Link )
Price: $6,999

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D-Links xStack storage systems are designed for small and medium businesses seeking a costeffective solution. They present a high-availability iSCSI SAN platform that supports services for applications demanding high throughput, scalability, and flexible storage planning.

High Availability

DSN-6110/6120 storage systems are specially designed for high availability applications. They are equipped with fully redundant components for all major functions, such as RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports. Hot-pluggable, they are capable of providing uninterrupted services. The firmware includes support for RAID 6, 60, read-only or writable snapshot, Windows VSS, and volume configuration restoration. These advanced features help to reduce or eliminate any system downtime. Distinct from other systems in their class, the DSN‑6110/6120 are able to upgrade firmware without going offline. Firmware images and volume handling are protected by the redundant RAID controllers. When one RAID controller is down or disconnected, the other RAID controller takes over its tasks immediately. The volumes and their related services are transferred seamlessly and simultaneously.

Outstanding Performance

The DSN-6110/6120 systems have a maximum of 200,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) - higher than other storage systems in their class. Total throughput is a maximum of 900 MB/sec.

Optimum Versatility

The optimized IOPS and throughput are capable of providing runtime-critical online services, such as cloud storage, SQL, Exchange, and high-end surveillance storage. Furthermore, with the iSCSI interface, DSN-6110/6120 storage systems are ideal for virtualization environments such as VMWare, Hyper-V, and Citrix. Users can install up to 32 OSes in the iSCSI system through the Boot-from-SAN feature. Using this feature, the multiple OSes/Servers can be managed easily and protected by D-Links advanced data protection features. No system downtime will be caused by a single point of failure.

Green Energy Savings

DSN-6110/6120 storage systems are equipped with D-Link Green features for saving power. A hard drive can be a very power-hungry component in a SAN. When properly configured, the power consumption of hard drives can be reduced to a minimum using the auto disk spin down feature. DSN-6110/6120 storage systems monitor environmental temperatures to optimize the cooling mechanism. The fan modules respond only when needed. The power supply modules are all 80 PLUS power efficient, providing a more favorable power conversion rate. When combined, these power-saving features help to greatly reduce energy consumption.


  • ƒƒFour iSCSI ports per controller
  • ƒƒUp to 200K IOPS
  • ƒƒ900 MB/sec throughput
  • ƒƒFully redundant and hot-pluggable design: RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules, and JBOD expansion
  • ƒƒHardware iSCSI offloaded engine
  • ƒƒGreen storage designs: auto disk spindown, advanced cooling mechanism, and 80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies
  • ƒƒAdvanced data protection: RAID 6, 60, writable snapshot, and storage base replication
  • ƒƒFlexible volume management for multiple applications and environments: cloud storage, SQL, Exchange, surveillance, file backup, e-mail, boot from SAN, virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix)
  • ƒƒHigh connection availability: load balancing and failover
  • ƒƒCapacity extendable up to 120 TB


Single Controller
Dual Redundant Controller
No. of Host Channels Per Controller
ƒƒ4 x 1 GbE
Expansion Enclosure
ƒƒDSN-6020 series
Cache Memory Per Controller
ƒƒ4 GB
No. of Hard Drives (SAS and SATA II)
Max. No. of Hard Drives (SAS and SATA II)
Power Supply
ƒƒ2 x 500 W
ƒƒAuto disk spin-down
ƒƒAdvanced cooling mechanism
ƒƒ80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies
ƒƒHardware iSCSI off-load engine
ƒƒiSCSI jumbo frame
ƒƒHeader/Data digest
ƒƒCHAP authentication
ƒƒSupports up to 32 multiple nodes
ƒƒUp to 128 sessions per controller
RAID and Volume
ƒƒRAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, JBOD,
N-way mirror
ƒƒUp to 1024 logical volumes
ƒƒUp to 32 hard drives per volume group
ƒƒOne logic volume can be shared by as many as 16
ƒƒGlobal and dedicated hot spare
ƒƒWrite-through or write-back cache policy
ƒƒOnline volume expansion
ƒƒInstant RAID volume availability
ƒƒAuto volume rebuilding
ƒƒOn-line volume migration without system down time
High Availability
ƒƒDual-active RAID controller
ƒƒCache mirroring through high bandwidth channels
ƒƒFlexible RAID group ownership management
ƒƒManagement port seamless take-over
ƒƒOnline firmware upgrade, no system downtime
ƒƒMulti-path and load-balancing support (Microsoft
MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, LACP)
ƒƒStorage-based Replication
Advanced Data Protection
ƒƒWritable snapshot
ƒƒMicrosoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services
ƒƒConfigurable N-way mirror
ƒƒOnline disk roaming
ƒƒInstant volume configuration restoration
ƒƒHot-pluggable battery backup module (BBM)
ƒƒSerial console
ƒƒSSH telnet
ƒƒSecured Web (HTTPS)
Data Security
ƒƒVLAN 802.1Q, 802.1p support
ƒƒSNMP trap
ƒƒBrowser pop-up windows
ƒƒWindows Messenger
OS Support
ƒƒWindows; Linux
AC Input
ƒƒ100-240 V ~ 7 A - 4 A 500 W with PFC (Auto Switching)
DC Output
ƒƒ3.3 V - 25 A
5 V - 32 A
12 V - 40 A
ƒƒ2U 19” Rackmount
ƒƒ442.8 mm x 500.6 mm x 88.0 mm (W x D x H)
Operating Temperature
ƒƒ0 to 40 °C
Relative Humidity
ƒƒ5 % to 95 % non-condensing{/2jtabs}

DSN-6110 U-12 Bay IP SAN Storage Datasheet (268,24 KB)

Last Updated: Sunday, 16 May 2021 07:04

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