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TLC200, Time Lapse Camera

Capture beautiful time lapse video in one buttonTLC200-slider-1

Brinno Makes Time Lapse Easy

The Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200 is an all-in-one solution for creating Time Lapse videos. Turn it on, set the time interval, frame your subject, let it record, playback your time lapse video!


TLC200-overview1 Dedicated Time Lapse Camera
With Brinno ready-to-view technology, we give you a real Time Lapse Video, not thousands separate photos! No fancy equipment, no interval meter, no complicated gear setups, no external time-control, no video-making troubles...
TLC200-overview3 Stunning Long Lasting
With Brinno Unique Power Control Technology, 4 AA batteries can capture 270,000 frames. Whatever short term or long term event you’re recording, don’t worry about the battery life!
TLC200-overview2 Get Creative - No Limits
Turn it on, let it record anything! Flower blooming, built a Lego castle, oil painting creation, family party…With a Brinno, make everything into a funny time lapse video!

Time Lapse Video 1, 2, 3 !

3 steps to create time lapse video!

TLC200-steps-1 TLC200-steps-2 TLC200-steps-3

Discover the Brinno TLC200

What can you do with a Brinno time lapse camera?

TLC200-solution-event TLC200-solution-plants
Painting Plants
TLC200-solution-scenery TLC200-solution-travel
Event Travelling


f-01 Time Lapse Video
TLC200 produces a Ready-to-View time lapse video, no complicated post-processing.
f-02 LCD Viewfinder
Through 1.44" LCD screen, you can frame your subject easily.
f-03 Simple Solution
Just turn it on and shoot, and you end up with your own time lapse video!
f-04 Rotatable Lens
Rotatable lens allows you to frame your subject easily!
f-05 Long Lasting
With Brinno Unique Power Control Technology, 4 AA batteries can capture 270,000 frames.
f-06 Weather proof Housing
With the optional weather resistant housing without worrying about dirt, rain or sand damage.

Easy, Simple, Everyone can create their own Time Lapse Videos!

No fancy equipment, no interval meter, no complicated gear setups, no external time-control, no video-making troubles.....TLC200-solution-travel


Weather resistant housingTLC200-accessories-slider-1

TLC200-accessories-ATL045 Brinno ATL045
Wide Angle Lens x0.45
Magnification : 0.45x
Dimensions : 39ø x 24 mm(length)
Weight : 45g
TLC200-accessories-ATH110 Brinno ATH110 / ATH120
Weather Resistant Housing
Waterproof : IP X4
Dimensions : 125(H) x 89(W) x 54 (D) mm
Weight : 110 g



Brinno ships the exact product shown in the picture, however, colors and photos shown may vary from actual product colors due to computer monitor display settings. Therefore the you see here may be different then the actual product shipped.

TLC 200
Model TLC 200
Output Format Video Mode Format: AVI.
Resolution: 1280x720, 640x480
Output Format Video Mode Format: AVI.
Resolution: 1280x720, 640x480
Field of View 59º
Focal Length 36 mm (35mm equivalent)
Focus Distance 75 cm (Minimum)
Time Interval ASAP:up to 2 frames per second.
Custom: from 1 sec to 24 hours.
Memory Storage SD Card (Supported Up to 32GB)
LCD Screen 1.44" TFT LCD
Power Source Battery: 4 AA Batteries
DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)
Battery Life Time interval: ASAP can capture 270,000 frames in 2.2 days
Time interval: 30 hours can capture 3,700 frames in 78 days
Size (DxWxH) 64x 46x 106 mm
Weight 120 g (without batteries)
Color Green/ White, Blue/ Black

Package Contents

TLC200 Package Contents
Time Lapse Camera TLC200
2GB SD Card
4 AA Batteries
User Manual
Warranty Card

* SD card may or may not be included, please read the package contents listing.

Battery Life

Time interval Frames captured Est. Battery Life
ASAP 270,000 2.2 days
1 sec 245,000 2.8 days
5 sec 228,000 13 days
10 sec 197,800 23 days
20 sec 137,400 32 days
30 sec 105,200 36 days
1 min 61,800 43 days
5 min 14,300 50 days
10 min 9,180 64 days
30 min 3,700 78 days
1 Hr 1,800
4 Hr 460
24 Hr 78


TLC200-resize BCC100-resize TLC200Pro-resize
Model TLC200 BCC100 TLC200 Pro
Viewfinder 1.44" LCD 1.44" LCD 1.44" LCD
Image sensor 1.3 MP 1.3 MP 1.3 MP HDR
Resolution 1280 x 720 (16:9) 1280 x 720 (16:9) 1280 x 720 (16:9)
Aperture f/2.8 f/1.2 f/2.0
Focal length (mm) 36 18 (35mm equivalent) 19 (35mm equivalent)
Field of view 59° 140° (480P) 112° (720P)
112° (720P)
Aspherical lens - orange-tick orange-tick
Interchangeable CS mount lens - - orange-tick
HDR video - - orange-tick
Scene setting - - orange-tick
White balance setting - - orange-tick
Micro USB output - - orange-tick
Webcam function - - orange-tick
Extension port orange-tick orange-tick orange-tick
Time interval 0.5 sec, 1 sec-24 hrs 0.5 sec, 1 sec-24 hrs 0.3 sec, 1 sec-24 hrs
Battery life 270,000 photos 270,000 photos 240,000 photos
Storage media SD/SDHC card SD/SDHC card SD/SDHC card
Media included 2GB 2GB 4GB
Maximum storage capacity 32GB
Video format AVI
Weather resistant With optional housing ATH110 With optional housing ATH120
Stop Motion video With optional shutter release cable
Still images (JPEG, 1280 x 720) With optional shutter release cable
Motion activated With optional motion sensor
Batteries required 4 AA (included)
External power 5V micro USB


TLC200 Datasheet (424,11 KB)
TLC200 User Manual (277,35 KB)

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