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AS-609RS / AS-609RDQNAP TS-231+ (Plus Series)


( Brinno )
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MAC200DN, Outdoor Security Camera

The MAC200DN has unequaled battery life lasting up to 14 months on 2 D Cell batteries.mac200dn-slider-1

14 Months Battery Life Security Camera

The Brinno MAC200DN is a battery powered portable security camera, triggered by Motion Detection (PIR) or a Fixed Capture Rate (Time Lapse) or Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ® (Time Lapse +Motion Detection).

mac-overview1 Hybrid Activated
mac-overview2 Fast Playback Video
Automatically converts images into time lapse videos. The MAC200DN lets you review 8 hours of activity in a 1 minute time lapse video!
mac-overview3 14 months battery life
2 D cell batteries can last for up to 14 months, so you can put away your power cords!

Outdoor Security 1,2,3!

Easy to set up outdoor security camera in 3 steps!

MAC200DN - Introductionwatch-youtube
MAC-steps-1 MAC-steps-2 MAC-steps-3

Dual Protection® Capture Mode

Time Lapse Capturing + Motion Activated

Capture any movement with either Motion Activation or a preset Time Lapse setting. The MAC200DN automatically converts photos into an easy to view/review Time Lapse Video. You can review an entire days activity in a couple of minutes!

Time Lapse Mode MAC-capture-mode1
In Time Lapse Mode, you can record at a distance of up to 320 feet using a 1 frame per second fixed capture rate.
Motion Mode MAC-capture-mode2
In Motion Mode, when the PIR motion sensor is triggered by any movement in a 20 feet zone, the camera captures 2-3 images per second for 5 seconds
Hybrid Mode MAC-capture-mode3
Hybrid Mode consists of time lapse + motion detection, the camera switches from 1 frame per second Time Lapse Mode to Motion Mode (2-3 images per second for 5 seconds) when a moving object enters the 20 feet motion zone.

Brinno Outdoor Security Camera - MAC200DN - Capture Modes


The Brinno MAC200DN is a battery powered security camera, waterproof, durable, standalone, so it’s safe for indoor and outdoor use. Turn it on, let it record every movement.

MAC-solution-01 MAC-solution-02 MAC-solution-03
Home security Backyard security Outdoor Security
MAC-solution-04 MAC-solution-05 MAC-solution-06
Parking lot security Illegal throw away watching Temporary event security
MAC-solution-07 MAC-solution-08 MAC-solution-09
Time Lapse Photography Farm security Wildlife camera


mac-f09 100% DIY, 100% Portable
Forget the power cord, Ethernet line or DVR system! The MAC200DN is your 100% DIY, 100% wire-free, 100% portable security camera you can use anywhere, anytime.
mac-f10 Dual Protection
Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ® Preset time settings to take photos (Fixed capture rate)+ Motion Activation for video capture, provides unprecedented dual protection.
mac-f11  10x Outlook Range
Images captured at a Fixed Capture Rate, in the Time Lapse mode, cover a range over 100 meters deep.
mac-f12 14 Months Battery Life
The MAC200DN has unequaled battery life lasting up to 14 months on 2 D Cell batteries.
mac-f13 < 1 Sec. Rapid Wake Up
Brinno’s MAC200DN has excellent power saving technology, by providing super long lasting standby time, combined with the ability to rapidly wake up! So you’ll never miss a shot!
mac-f14 Fast Playback Video
Brinno’s MAC200DN captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. Review all your visitors with the push of a button.

100% DIY, 100% Portable

Battery powered = Wire-free

Not a complicated DVR security system, no complicated power cord wiring to set up. 100% DIY. 100% Wire-free. 100% Portable.mac200dn-feacture-2

Smart Night Vision

Set your latitude, the camera will automatically turn on Night Vision at sunset and turn off Night Vision at sunrise. So the camera can capture infrared images* at night and capture regular images in daylight.
(*Tap the image for video playback.)

** infrared illuminator (APL200) is optionalmac200dn-night-vision

Fast Playback Time Lapse Video

Check monthly activity in several minutes video

Brinno’s MAC200DN - Motion Activated Camera provides a whole new FAST/EASY PLAYBACK concept for you to EASILY review videos, as it automatically converts thousands of images into time lapse videos. This makes reviewing your videos easy and quick!mac200dn-feacture-3

Water-proof, Outdoor Security Camera

Weather resistant, safe for outdoor use

We know most construction site are outdoors; in order to let you capture your entire construction project in any weather, we provide a weather resistant housing to protect your construction camera.mac200dn-accessory-1

Camera Security Lock

We offer multiple points to secure your MAC200DNmac200dn-feacture-4

MAC200DN Datasheet (1,69 MB)
MAC200DN Quick Guide (1,42 MB)
MAC200DN User Manual (0,74 MB)

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 November 2019 18:02

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