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ASUSTOR ADM 2.6 Beta Program
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 00:00

ADM 2.6 Beta

ASUSTOR's Beta Program allows you to play a critical role in the future of ADM. You will have the opportunity to test the latest beta releases and provide suggestions on the features of ADM.


  1. Since the file structure in the ADM 2.6 beta has been modified, you will not be able to roll back to a previous version of ADM after upgrading.
  2. If your NAS is using ADM 2.4.0 or prior versions, please upgrade to 2.4.2 first, before upgrading to 2.6 beta.


C Library and Linux kernel updates

ADM 2.6’s built-in GNU C library has been upgraded from eglibc 2.13 to glibc 2.22. From now on, no matter if it's ASUSTOR’s in-house developed functions or 3rd party developed Apps, all will be able to benefit from the new library’s high compatibility and flexibility. Also, in an effort to increase the stability, performance and security of the Linux system in ASUSTOR NAS devices, ADM 2.6 upgrades the Linux kernel for AS50/51/70 devices to the latest 4.1 long-term support version found on AS31/61/62 series devices.


Constantly evolving MyArchive technology

N-1 degrees of freedom

The number of simultaneous configurable MyArchive hard disks has been significantly increased to N-1. This means that for 4-bay models (e.g., AS6104T) you can have 3 simultaneously mounted MyArchive disks and for 10-bay models (e.g., AS7010T) you can have up to 9 simultaneously mounted MyArchive disks. When you access the data in a MyArchive disk, the other MyArchive disks can remain in hibernation, helping you save power. When used with local backup function, you will be able to take different types of files with different properties and neatly organize and back them up to individual MyArchive disks, all in one go. Furthermore, a newly added “Alias” field lets users self-define tags for MyArchive disks. This allows users to quickly determine the contents of MyArchive disks from within ADM File Explorer when multiple disks are mounted simultaneously.

160302-myarchive- N-1

Supports even more file system formats

The newly upgraded MyArchive mechanism can format hard disks to EXT4, NTFS and HFS+ file systems, significantly expanding MyArchive disks’ flexibility and availability. Furthermore, when no longer needed for MyArchive use, removed MyArchive disks can be put into eSATA/USB external enclosures and be directly accessible via Windows PC (NTFS file system) or Apple Mac devices (HFS+ file system), in addition to installing them on other ASUSTOR NAS devices for use.

160302-myarchive ntfs hfs dock

Safe and secure data encryption

MyArchive hard disks now feature newly supported AES 256-bit encryption* and can be configured to automatically mount on up to 20 trusted NAS devices for more agile use. Decryption method, In addition to entering a password or importing an electronic encryption key for decryption you can also now bind a USB device as a physical encryption key**, allowing you to securely hold your data security in the palm of your hand.

*The MyArchive encryption function only supports the EXT4 file system
**A single USB device can be bound to an unlimited number of MyArchive disks

160302-myarchive aes256 usb ebcryption

Batch creation and importation of ADM accounts

When setting up a shared server, system administrators often have to spend a lot of time creating user accounts. ASUSTOR now provides a more convenient and efficient way to do this. Via ADM’s batch creation function, you can quickly create multiple regular sequential user accounts (e.g., student numbers). With regards to irregular non-sequential account creation, you can enter account data into a text file (*.txt, *.csv) and then import it into ADM to create accounts. During importation, the system will also check for the integrity of account data and indicate any errors making them convenient for system administrators to correct.

160302-id Batch plugin

Scheduled iSCSI LUN snapshots

Configuring scheduled iSCSI LUN snapshots allows the system to automatically take regular snapshots based on the specified time period, providing continuous protection of LUN data without needing any manual operation or significantly affecting system performance.

160302-iscsi lun schedule

ASUSTOR Portal Beta

Optimized YouTube performance

Enjoy enhanced YouTube performance via Chromium’s hardware acceleration. Smoothly watch 1080p videos on YouTube without any delay.

160302-youtube optimize

Choose any streaming video website you like

Besides the pre-loaded Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube apps, ASUSTOR Portal now offers a variety of additional popular streaming video websites via installation of the URL-Pack. This gives you the freedom to watch any on-demand videos you wish from your favorite sites.160302-tube web

What’s New:

  • Upgrades the GNU C library from eglibc 2.13 to glibc 2.22
  • Upgrades the Linux kernel for AS50/51/70 devices to the latest 4.1 long-term support version
  • Increases supported MyArchive bay number to N-1
  • Adds NTFS, HFS+ support for MyArchive disks
  • Supports AES-256-bit encryption for MyArchive disks (in EXT4 format only)
  • Supports batch creation and importation of ADM accounts
  • Supports scheduled iSCSI LUN snapshots
  • Supports intermediate certificate importation
  • Supports hardware accelerated Chromium for optimized YouTube performance
  • Adds URL-pack app to offer more popular streaming video websites

Special Notice:

1. After upgrading to the ADM 2.6.0 beta, you will need to update the following Apps from the Beta Apps area in App Central:

ModelApp NameVersionNote
AS10 LooksGood 1.0.1.R3
Surveillance Center
SoundsGood 1.0.3.r685
Mail Server 1.0.1.r105
Takeasy 1.0.2.r304
ASUS Webstorage 0.9.3.r1407
FFmpeg 2.8.3.r3
Python 2.7.10.r12
Perl 5.16.3.r15
Mono 4.2.2.r2
Ruby 1.9.3-p448r5
Node.js 0.10.41.r2
AS-2/3 ASUSTOR Portal 1.0.3.r0301
Takeasy 1.0.2.r302
iTunes Server 1.2.1.r218
Avast Anti-virus 1.0.1.r151
Thunder 2.0.r73
AS-6 ASUSTOR Portal 1.0.3.r0301
XBMC 12.3.24
Takeasy 1.0.2.r302
iTunes Server 1.2.1.r218
Avast Anti-virus 1.0.1.r151
Media-pack 2.6.0.r01
Thunder 2.0.r73
AS31/50/61/62/70 ASUSTOR Portal 1.0.3.r0301 10.14.7.R19
Kodi 16.0.3.R11
Web-browser 1.0.0.R1 The existing Chrome browser will be disabled. Please install the Web-browser app to replace Chrome.
Remote Center 1.0.0.r142
Takeasy 1.0.2.r302
iTunes Server 1.2.1.r218
Avast Anti-virus 1.0.1.r151
Media-pack 2.6.0.r01
Thunder 2.0.r73

Known Issue:

1. The following 3rd party Apps are not compatible with the ADM 2.6.0 beta. We have informed the respective developers to provide an update. If you need to use these Apps, we suggest not upgrading to the ADM 2.6.0 beta.


App Name


AS10 bukkit 20141003
Magento CE
minecraft 20141207
MongoDB 2.6.7
orangehrm 2.7.1
phpBB3 3.0.10
Plex Media Server
WonderBox 3.0
All models TuneIn Radio 0.1.0.r1
Spotify -
Snes9x -
mame 1.0.0.r3
PPSSPP 0.9.9.r1
Asunder 2.5.0.r1
Popcorn Time 3.8.5.r2





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