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Solution: Synology cost-effective data storage for healthcare professional
Thursday, 30 July 2015 00:00
Cost-effective data storage for healthcare professionals

Build a PACS system with Synology HIPAA compliant NAS

Effectively managing and protecting a growing amount of healthcare related data — such as patient information or X-ray images — can present a huge challenge to hospitals. Synology develops cost-effective and expandable all-in-one NAS servers, supporting various encryption and backup features to ensure data safety and availability.150730-healthcare professionals intro bg


Build a cost-effective PACS system with Synology NAS

150730-healthcare professionals PACS 01 Hospitals store large electronic images such as X-rays plain films, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging in PACS (Picture archiving and communication system), allowing efficient access to images from multiple modalities. With the PACS package, hospitals can build a cost-effective PACS system with Synology NAS.


HIPAA compliant NAS for data security

Hospitals should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure the privacy of individual identifiable health information in terms of physical, technical, and network safeguard. With a HIPAA compliant storage, Protected Health Information (PHI) can be safely stored, managed, shared, and transmitted. Synology NAS are HIPAA compliant, providing technical safeguards, such as encryption, file access control, and hardware encryption engine to efficiently protect healthcare information, without affecting performance.

SSL/ TLS encryption
Healthcare information can be protected with SSL encryption during data transmission. If anyone tries eavesdropping on the hospital network, they’ll only receive scrambled, encrypted data.

256-bit AES encryption
Data stored on Synology NAS is safe with 256-bit AES encryption, since it can only be decrypted with the same key that was used to encrypt the data. Hence, hospitals don’t need to worry about sensitive healthcare information leaked when their NAS or disks fall into wrong hands.

Hardware encryption engine
With hardware encryption engine, select Synology NAS can offload encryption calculation tasks away from the main CPU, so data transmission speed of the encrypted files will not be affected and the processing power is freed up for other important tasks.


Account and privilege management

Centralizing hospital departments’ data onto one storage is cost effective, since the numbers of servers and storages that need to be deployed and maintained can be reduced. With Windows ACL and File Access Logging features, administrators can manage thousands of files with file access control, making sure the files are only accessible by the intended parties.

Windows ACL
Windows ACL supports granular file control to give permissions to specific files or folders, which ensures flexibility and a high level of security at the same time. With native Windows ACL support, user permissions can be managed directly on DSM interface in a breeze.

File Access Logging
Medical personnel may collaborate on the same healthcare information, so administrators might need to monitor their behavior. With Windows File Access Logging, users’ behaviors such as who edits, deletes, moves, reads, writes which file at what time can be recorded.

Windows AD and LDAP
For hospitals that have established domain user accounts through Windows Active Directory (AD) or LDAP, there is no need to maintain two sets of credentials - Synology NAS can act as a LDAP and AD client to integrate with hospitals’ existing account system seamlessly.150730-healthcare professionals access 01


Smart backup and easy restoration

Important files – patient information, medical record, X-rays – should be backed up to protect against unexpected disk failure or natural disaster.

Snapshot technology brings point-in-time data recovery
Select Synology NAS models bring snapshot technology, allowing businesses to automatically capture point-in-time copies of data as frequently as every 5 minutes without occupying system resources, as well as flexibly customize the retention policy to save up to 256 hourly, daily, or weekly recovery points according to hospitals’ need.150730-healthcare professionals backup 01

A wide range of backup destinations
Backing up a hospital’s Synology NAS to another Synology NAS located locally or at another location with Network Backup, Shared Folder Sync, or Cloud Station. That way, if the main Synology NAS crashes, medical personnel can recover the data stored on the backup Synology NAS.150730-healthcare professionals backup 02

Multi-version backup
With multi-version backup, medical information can be restored to a particular point in time on either local storage or off-site storage. If one accidently overwrite or delete documents, simply browse through previous versions with the intuitive timeline and restore exactly the file you need. In addition, storage consumption is minimized as it only saves specific data blocks that are changed between versions.

150730-healthcare professionals backup 01


Build a reliable and continuous healthcare system

Hospitals’ mission-critical service disruption can lead to data loss, cost big money, and even affect medical operation. Investing on Synology NAS in advance can maximize system uptime.

Ensure system uptime with Synology High Availability
With Synology High Availability (SHA) technology, hospitals can reduce service downtime by mirroring the data on the active Synology NAS to the passive Synology NAS, and having the active server automatically failover to the passive server when the former one goes offline.

Redundancy mechanisms maximize system uptime
Select Synology NAS models come with redundant hardware components, such as SAS modules, LAN ports, power supply modules, and system fans, ensuring service continuity when one of the component fails.

RAID protection prevent data loss
With RAID technology, data can be distributed across hard drives to ensure data redundancy and performance improvement, allowing files to remain accessible even when one hard drive fails. Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) is the RAID technology developed by Synology, designed to make storage volume deployment easier and more flexible.

Global hot spare enhances data availability
Select Synology NAS models support global hot spare drives, allowing standby hard drives to repair a degraded volume/Disk Group/iSCSI LUN by automatically replacing a failed drive.150730-healthcare professionals SHA bg


Management for large- scale surveillance system

IP cameras are deployed in every nook and cranny in hospital buildings to ensure environment safety. However, managing large number of IP camera deployments and recordings are formidable. Synology Surveillance Station supports Central Manage System (CMS), allowing a centralized host server control over recording servers located in different hospital buildings, so IP camera deployment, maintenance, and management can be centralized into one interface. 150730-healthcare professionals surveillance 01


Handle expandable and petabytes of patient Data

150730-healthcare professionals handle 01

Constantly growing medical data requires a significant amount of storage space. Synology offers wide range of NAS models and expansion units, allowing for small small-scale solutions or large deployments scalable up to 1PB.
Which NAS is right for you?
Expansion units
Drive bays
TB raw storage


Proven around the world

Hospitals across the globe have already integrated Synology NAS servers and successfully protected sensitive healthcare information with various Synology features. Check out our case studies to see what people are saying about Synology NAS.

150730-healthcare professionals GFO    150730-healthcare professionals GRN
The Charitable Society
of the Franciscan Sisters of Olpe Ltd

“The implementation of the Synology DS1511+ helped to construct a cost-effective and high availability NAS system..... Other significant advantages include financial savings from utilizing the embedded features within DiskStation and benefiting from its low power consumption.”
GRN Gesundheitszentren Rhein
- Neckar GmbH

“The implementation of the product is very easy indeed. It requires less than a day from setting up DSM, the operating system, to configurating the storage system based on our specific requirements. Interestingly, server configuration takes even less time than getting server out of the box and installing the HDDs.“




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