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DiskStation Manager 6.0 Beta Program
Tuesday, 13 October 2015 00:00


An intelligently engineered and reliable platform for storing data. Intuitive, yet completely private collaboration suite. Exciting virtualization technologies for the next generation of business. Get these and much, much more with DSM 6.0.

Virtualization & Enterprise Storage

Cost-effective and efficient storage for large deployments

Today's organizations need to accommodate rapid business growth with minimal hardware investment. DSM 6.0 introduces Docker DSM and Virtual DSM, enabling businesses to consolidate multiple physical servers and build a reliable, multi-tenant environment on Synology NAS. In addition, refined storage solutions such as greater support for SSD cache, the new PetaSpace package, and data scrubbing protect your precious data while ensuring superior performance.151013-virtualization 01

Mail Service in Private Cloud

Up your productivity with secure, private email

The all new MailPlus and MailPlus Server packages allow your business to set up a secure, reliable, and private mail server, while giving your employees a modern mail client for receiving and sending messages. Best of all, MailPlus and MailPlus Server run on your Synology NAS, so there's no need to rely on third-party services. Keep absolute control over your data privacy.151013-mail 01

Data Protection

Replication, backup, and recovery for data availability

Enterprises need an efficient data protection strategy to eliminate the risk of data loss. With the introduction of Snapshot & Replication, DSM 6.0 provides businesses with near-continuous data protection for best RPO, rapid point-in-time recovery for the lowest RTO, as well as multi-site replication for more comprehensive protection. In addition, Backup & Restore package can now back up data to all types of destination with multi-version ability.151013-data 01

Your Own Collaboration Tools

Organize, collaborate, and present

Whether you're calculating prices for a customer or keeping track of household expenses, having a Spreadsheet makes it much easier to collect and organize data. With the new SpreadSheet package, you can create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets with other people. In addition, Note Station lets you and your team accomplish even more tasks with new features, such as charts, presentation view, mail clipper, and much more. Save your documents in Synology NAS servers - collaboration is easier and safer than ever!151013-yourOwn 01

Cloud & File Syncing

Your files, everywhere you want

These days, people want their files to be available all the time, no matter what device they use. With Cloud Station 4, it's easier than ever to synchronize files across multiple devices and build your private cloud. In addition, Cloud Sync offers more precise controls for syncing or backing up files from your Synology NAS to a host of cloud storage services.151013-cloud 01

Network & Security

Analyze, optimize, and protect your infrastructure

To help protect critical data and other assets, DSM 6.0 brings new management and security tools, so Synology NAS can serve as the heart of your network strategy. Optimize network traffic with the new Load Balancer package, or analyze and defend your infrastructure from attack with the new Intrusion Prevention package. Tackle authentication challenges DSM 6.0's support for the 802.1X protocol.

151013-network 01


Best companions for your music, videos, and pictures

In DSM 6.0, Synology focuses on optimizing your multimedia experience with thoughtful and powerful features, as well as integrating popular third party devices and applications. The redesigned Video Station with offline transcoding allows you to watch movies anytime, anywhere. In addition, select multimedia mobile apps with support for Windows 10 and Apple Watch ensure you enjoy a smooth experience on different devices.151013-multimedia 01

Powerful Content Indexing

Keep an eye on all your files in a snap

Synology empowers you to achieve more, while reducing time and resource consumption. DSM 6.0 introduces a powerfully comprehensive, yet extremely efficient, search feature allowing you to quickly reach all your data. Running on all servers compatible with DSM 6.0, DSM's full content search indexes more than 700 file formats, including office documents, and covers metadata of media files for an even more in-depth search experience.151013-powerful 01

DSM Advancement

Bringing the future to network storage

With every version of DiskStation Manager, Synology strives to bring the most forward-thinking features and intuitive usability to the world of network storage and serving.

151013-improvements 01

64-bit architecture1

DSM 6.0 switches to 64-bit computing to ensure you always benefit from the most popular and efficient architecture, in a completely transparent fashion. This allows your DiskStation to process parallel processes more efficiently, so you can do more in the same amount of time. In addition, 64-bit architecture enables more available RAM on new models in the future.

151013-improvements 02


With DSM 6.0, Synology delivers a leaner system architecture by modularizing a greater number of non-essential applications. Separating more applications from DSM brings numerous benefits, such as maximized uptime by reducing unnecessary system updates, flexible development of individual applications, reduced patch size, lighter system burden, and much more.

151013-improvements 03

Btrfs File System

The Snapshot and Replication technology that comes with the advanced Btrfs file system reduces the impact of massive reading / writing on hard drives and high bandwidth consumption caused by traditional backup, while allowing for flexible point-in-time recovery of files - instant protect your data with state-of-the-art data snapshot technology.

151013-improvements 04


One of Synology's core beliefs is that advanced storage and applications should be easy to use and available to more people. That’s why DSM 6.0 introduces new accessibility features to help visually impaired users navigate DSM, manage files in File Station, and change settings in Control Panel using screen reader software NVDA and Firefox.


Download Now

Try out all the new features!

DSM 6.0 beta is now available for public testing. In order to collect and integrate all your feedback, DSM 6.0 beta will last six months. Visit the following to see more details, download the installation file, and get information about future updates:




  1. The software optimization for 64 bits requires models running on 64 bits processor.





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