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DiskStation Manager 5.2 - Software Specs
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00

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DiskStation Manager 5.2

The advent of always accessible data is reshaping our world in exciting ways, increasing business efficiency and unlocking creative opportunities for individuals. DiskStation Manager 5.2 continues to create new possibilities for your private cloud with more business applications and intuitive data management, so you can concentrate on achieving more at work or enjoying your free time.

DSM Web Desktop

Desktop Management Tools

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 6 or later
  • Safari (iOS 7.0+ on iPad)
  • Chrome (Android 4.0+ on tablets)


  • English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, Nederlands, Русский, Polski, Magyar, Português do Brasil, Português Europeu, Türkçe, Český, 日本語, 한국어, 繁體中文, 简体中文


File Sharing

File Station

  • Drag and drop files between browser windows
  • Directly connect to a remote server or public cloud service within File Station
  • Browse and manage files stored on the Synology NAS
  • WebDAV/WebDAV over HTTPS/FTP/SFTP client
  • Share files as email attachments with built-in email client
  • Share files with other users on the same Synology NAS
  • Search files according to various criteria
  • Thumbnail and list views
  • Compress/extract archived files
  • Windows ACL editor
  • Remote Folder supports mounting folders on other SMB file servers
  • Photo Viewer and Video Player to view photos and videos
  • Audio Player to play music files
  • Set speed limits for specific users or groups
  • Transfer Logs
  • Virtual Drive to mount and access ISO images
  • Create sharing links to allow people without DSM user credentials to access folders and files

Windows, Mac, Linux

Windows File Service

  • Supports SMB 2, SMB 3 end-to-end encryption, and Large MTU
  • Advanced SMB options: veto criteria, DirSort VFS module, symbolic links, wide links, and MSDFS
  • Full Windows ACL support for complete permission control
  • Supports Recycle Bin

Apple File Service

  • Supports Time Machine
  • Searching files on the Synology NAS with Spotlight search of Mac OS X is not supported.
  • Added extended file attributes support for color label/icon/extra information on Mac OS X

Network File Service

  • NFSv4
  • Kerberos authentication and ID Mapping (Check the availability on product comparison page)


  • FTP, FTP SSL/TLS, and SFTP protocols
  • FTPS supports FIPS by using OpenSSL FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography module.
  • Bandwidth Control for TCP connections
  • Set speed limits for specific users or groups
  • Root directory for each user
  • Transfer logs
  • Allow devices to boot over the network with TFTP and PXE support

Storage Analyzer

  • Volume and quota usage by users
  • Total size of files by owner
  • Volume usage and trends based on past usage
  • Percentage of disk space occupied by each file type
  • Size of shared folders
  • Largest, most, and least frequently modified files


Cloud Services

Cloud Station


  • Automatically synchronize files between your PC, Mac, Linux computer, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Synology NAS
  • Keep up to 32 historical versions of files with incremental data
  • Respect ACL and Linux permissions
  • Sync multiple shared folders with up to 100,000 folders in total
  • Sync encrypted shared folders
  • Versioning can be disabled
  • Customize version number for each shared folder
  • Version restoration from Cloud Station server and PC clients
  • Added support for File Station Recycle Bin
  • One-way sync to client devices with read-only shared folders
  • Client list to view connected devices
  • Live syncing status and progress on Cloud Station server and clients
  • Configure sync profile for each user to sync limited file size and file types
  • Enable Cloud Station service for user/LDAP/AD/AD Trust Domain accounts
  • Offers syncing log
  • View maximum active connections for different models
  • Offer MSI, EXE, DMG, DEB and RPM installers for different PC platforms
  • Support IPv6
  • Support hole punching


  • Privilege settings allow only selected users to access files via Cloud Station
  • SSL data transmission encryption
  • SSL certificate verification
  • HTTPS tunneling and proxy support

Cloud Station Client

  • Two-way sync with multiple Cloud Station servers
  • Customize syncing policy to sync only specific subfolders or files, according to filename, file type, and file size

Cloud Sync

  • One- or two-way synchronization with public cloud storage providers including Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3-compatible storage, Baiduyun, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, hubiC, Megafon Disk, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV servers, Yandex Disk
  • Protect uploaded data with AES-256 encryption
  • Multiple synchronization tasks with customizable task name
  • Sync only specific folders and subfolders
  • Filter files based on file size, file type, file extension and filename
  • Enforce bandwidth controls on each public cloud connection
  • Offers syncing history

QuickConnect Service

  • Supports DSM, Photo Station, Audio Station, Surveillance Station, Download Station, Cloud Station, Video Station, File Station, Note Station, and all Synology mobile apps
  • Ensures server reachability and connection efficiency by LAN/WAN detection, QuickConnect hole punching, and QuickConnect relay service
  • Offers a web portal to DSM management interface and Photo Station
  • Automatically adds required port forwarding rules on compatible UPnP routers

Data Backup

Desktop Backup

  • Back up data from Windows computers using Synology Cloud Station
  • Back up data from Mac computers using Synology Cloud Station or Apple Time Machine
  • Back up data from Linux computers using Synology Cloud Station

Server Backup

Network Backup

  • Back up data to another Synology NAS or rsync compatible server
  • Encrypt data transmission with SSH
  • Data transmission compression
  • File-level incremental backup
  • Block-level incremental data transmission can be enabled for network efficiency
  • Customize backup bandwidth limit by task
  • Implement server-imposed bandwidth control by user/group
  • Back up ACL settings
  • Back up system configurations
  • Schedule backup tasks

Local Backup

  • Back up data to encrypted/unencrypted shared folders
  • Back up data to external USB/eSATA drives
  • File-level incremental backup
  • Back up ACL settings
  • Back up system configurations
  • Schedule backup tasks

Cloud Backup

  • Back up data to Amazon S3 (China Region and all global regions except GovCloud US), Microsoft Azure, SFR, and hicloud
  • Data transmission encryption
  • File-level incremental backup
  • Supports simultaneous multipart data upload (Amazon S3, SFR, and hicloud only)
  • Back up ACL settings
  • Schedule backup tasks

Amazon Glacier

  • Back up data to Amazon Glacier (China Region and all global regions except GovCloud US)
  • Restore backup task at the file-level
  • Perform file-level incremental backup
  • Schedule backup tasks
  • Supports file-based deduplication within the same backup task
  • When deleting data which has been uploaded within the past 90 days, a task will be scheduled to automatically carry out deletion 90 days after the file uploading time. This reduces the total cost charged for deleting data that is less than 90 days old.

Multi-version Backup

  • Backup shared folders and system configurations to a local volume or another Synology NAS
  • Block-level incremental backup
  • Supports transfer encryption
  • Restore data at file-level with File Version Browser
  • Supports ACL settings
  • Schedule backup tasks
  • Retain unlimited backup versions
  • Supports Smart Recycle to automatically rotate old versions based on the following principles:
    • retains hourly versions in the past 24 hours
    • retains daily versions in the past 30 days
    • retains weekly versions beyond 30 days

Shared Folder Sync

  • Sync selected shared folders to another Synology NAS in real-time

LUN Backup

  • Back up iSCSI LUNs to a local volume or another Synology NAS
  • Maximum number of concurrent LUN backup tasks: 1
  • Schedule backup tasks

USBCopy & SDCopy

  • Backup data from a USB storage device or a SD card to Synology NAS (Kindly check the availability here)

Time Backup

  • Back up data to a local volume or another Synology NAS
  • Keep multiple file versions
  • File-level incremental backup
  • Block-level incremental data transmission
  • Smart Recycle provides advanced options to control backup versions, allowing you to change the number of backup versions based on how recently versions were created.
  • Restore files from previous versions
  • Lock selected versions to avoid being deleted automatically
  • Select specific versions to delete
  • Keep up to 512 historical restore points
  • Maximum number of remote backup tasks: 1
  • See the maximum number of local backup tasks for different models



Video Station


  • Organize Movies, TV Shows, Home Videos, Recorded TV, and other user-defined libraries
  • Assign privileges for AirPlay/DLNA and DTV controlling features
  • Search videos by specific metadata
  • Online video information retrieval
  • Personal collections: Favorite, Watch List, and user-defined collections
  • Set video posters using image files stored in the same folder as video files (can be applied to “Movie” and “Others” video types only)
  • Retrieve online subtitles when starting to play a movie
  • Different display modes: Poster, Tile, and List View
  • Watched status on each video
  • Share a video collection via a sharing link
  • Back up video information
  • Set a timing offset to sync subtitles with video playback
  • Control video playback and volume with hotkeys


  • Play video within a browser for Windows PC or Mac
  • Play video to Apple TV via AirPlay (Apple TV firmware version 5.1 above required)
  • (Experimental) Play video using a DLNA player (DLNA certified Digital Media Renderer product). Supported file formats and subtitle display depend on the playback capabilities of the DLNA player.
  • Play video on iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone, Roku TV, and Samsung TV with DS video
  • Play DVB-T, DTMB (DMB-T/H), DVB-S, and DVB-S2 (encrypted channels are not supported) live streams on Windows PC, Mac, Android mobile devices
  • Repeat playback for one video or an entire collection of videos
  • Supports embedded audio track files for multiple languages
  • Enable AC3 passthrough on Apple TV for better audio quality
  • Stream playback quality (original/high/medium/low) can be adjusted according to network conditions (only models belonging to Group 1)
  • Supports external subtitles and embedded SRT, ASS, and SSA subtitles

Digital TV Live and Recording

  • Stream and record scheduled Digital TV programs by connecting to HDHomeRun (DVB-T) or plugging in DTMB (DMB-T/H), DVB-T, DVB-S, or DVB-S2 standard DTV dongles
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards are available worldwide. DTMB (DMB-T/H) and DVB-T are supported in select countries. Click to learn about regions that support DVB-T and DTMB (DMB-T/H) (Check the compatibility list for supported DTMB (DMB-T/H), DVB-T, DVB-S, and DVB-S2 dongles)
  • Multiple DTV tuners are supported. Only one channel can be simultaneously streamed and recorded for each tuner.
  • Record DTV videos without EPG by simply choosing the channel and time slot
  • Watch DTV Live Stream on computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone, and Android tablet (see more details in DS video specification)

Video Formats Played by Browsers on Windows

When video streaming lags due to bad network quality, or the original format is not supported by the client software, video transcoding will be needed for streaming.

Streaming methodSupported formatsRequirements
Stream original format MP4 Flash Player plugin, IE9 or later, or Chrome
MOV, M4V Flash Player plugin, or Chrome
FLV Flash Player plugin
3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, M2T, M2TS, MKV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MTS, QT, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, XviD, RMVB, DTV Live Stream third-party VLC player plugin
Stream transcoded format (Original video quality and transcoded audio) MKV Flash Player plugin and a Synology NAS belonging to Group 1 or Group 2
Stream transcoded format (Downsampled video quality) 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MP4, MTS, MOV, QT, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, XviD, RMVB, DTV Live Stream Flash Player plugin and a Synology NAS belonging to Group 1

Video Formats Played by browser on Mac

When video streaming lags due to bad network quality, or the original format is not supported by the client software, video transcoding will be needed for streaming.

Streaming methodSupported formatsRequirements
Original formats MP4, MOV, M4V Safari, Chrome, or Flash Player
FLV Flash Player plugin
Stream transcoded format (Original video quality and transcoded audio) MKV Flash Player plugin and a Synology NAS belonging to Group 1 or Group 2
Stream transcoded format (Downsampled video quality) 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MP4, MTS, MOV, QT, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, XviD, RMVB, DTV Live Stream Flash Player plugin and a Synology NAS belonging to Group 1

Video Formats Played by Apple TV

Streaming methodSupported formatsRequirements
Original formats MP4, MOV, M4V (without subtitles)
Stream transcoded format (Original video quality and transcoded audio) MKV, M4V, MP4, MOV (With external or embedded SRT, ASS, or SSA subtitle files) A Synology NAS belonging to Group 1 or Group 2
Stream transcoded format (Downsampled video quality) 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, M2T, M2TS, MTS, QT, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, XviD, RMVB A Synology NAS belonging to Group 1


Photo Station


  • Supported image formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, RAW (arw, srf, sr2, dcr, k25, kdc, cr2, crw, nef, mrw, ptx, pef, raf, raw, 3fr, erf, mef, mos, orf, rw2, dng, x3f), TIFF, PNG
  • Supported video formats for playback: 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, FLV, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MTS, M2TS, M2T, QT, WMV, XviD, f4v
  • Supported video formats for download only: RM, RMVB, VOB
  • Supports people tags from Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Supports IPTC tags of photos
  • Search photos using keywords, time slots, or tags
  • Create smart albums to filter photos and videos by specific search criteria
  • Pin albums to user-defined categories in order to create different portfolios
  • Tag photos by using facial recognition
  • Album tree view on left panel allows you to move and copy files by dragging and dropping
  • Specify which file extensions (e.g. RAW, NEF) to not be displayed nor generate thumbnails
  • Disable or enable thumbnail generation or video conversion for albums anytime
  • Personal Photo Station sites for each DSM user

Show & Share

  • Personalized theme
  • Display modes: Photo Wall, Timeline View, Map View, and Detail View
  • Photos and videos stored in the root folder of Photo Station can be set as public (the default setting is private)
  • Photo album privacy controls: Public, Password, or Private (available only on first and second levels of albums)
  • Various slideshow transition effects
  • Play music in the background during a slideshow
  • “About Me” page displays self-introduction, contact information, and other details
  • Personal blog
  • Online photo editors: Aviary, Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express
  • Share photos to Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Picasa Web Albums, Plurk, Twitter, Qzone, or Sina Weibo
  • Share photos in a virtual collection optimized for display on computer and mobile browsers.
  • Share videos to YouTube
  • Share a photo collection via a sharing link

Audio Station


  • Personal/shared music library and playlists
  • Smart playlist
  • Supported playlist formats: M3U, PLS, WPL
  • Internet radio: SHOUTcast, and user-defined
  • Live lyrics display
  • Lyrics plugin to search lyrics from the Internet
  • Rate songs and categorize music by rating
  • Supports indexing for CUE sheets to manage undivided album files


  • Listen to music with mobile devices, USB speakers, DLNA players (DLNA certified Digital Media Renderer products), multiple Bluetooth A2DP speakers, or multiple AirPlay devices
  • Supported audio formats for browsers (original format): M4A, M4B, MP3; WAV (IE doesn’t support WAV).
  • Supported audio formats for browsers (transcoded streaming): AIFF, APE, Apple Lossless, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, WMA PRO, WMA VBR, DSD
  • Supported audio formats for USB speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and AirPlay speakers: AIFF, APE, Apple Lossless, FLAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMA PRO, WMA VBR, DSD
  • Supported gapless playback when streaming to web browser (original files only), USB, Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers
  • Supports transcoding FLAC/APE, ALAC/AAC, OGG, and AIFF formats for DLNA players. Other audio format support for DLNA players depends on the player.
  • 24-bit USB DAC support
  • Share a music collection via a sharing link

Media Server

  • Works as a DLNA-compliant Digital Media Server (DMS) and streams media to DLNA-certified products.
  • Supported audio formats: AAC, AIFF, APE, DSD, FLAC, M4A, Apple Lossless, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, PCM, WAV, WMA, WMA VBR, WMA PRO, WMA Lossless (The actual playback capabilities may vary depending on the DLNA/UPnP client)
  • Supported video formats: 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, ISO, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MTS, MOV, QT, SWF, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV,XviD, RMVB (The actual playback capabilities may vary depending on the DLNA/UPnP client)
  • Supported image formats : BMP, JPG (jpe, jpeg), GIF, ICO, PNG, PSD, TIF (tiff), UFO
  • MKV video transcoding (H.264 video remux) support for SONY TV and PS3
  • Transcoding APE/FLAC/OGG/AIFF/AAC/ALAC audio
  • Transcoding to ASF video up to 480p for XBOX 360, or to TS video up to 1080p for other DMA (available on select models only).
  • Customizable DLNA menu
  • Integrated the video information retrieved by Video Station into DMA menus

System Requirements

  • Supports DLNA-certified Digital Media Player products

Download Station

  • Supported download protocols: BT/HTTP/FTP/NZB/eMule
  • Supported encoded URL: Thunder/Flashget/QQDL
  • Xunlei Lixian web interface support
  • Support for download links shared from Xunlei Kuai
  • Download online TV videos with FLVCD web-downloader
  • Add RSS source, create RSS downloads and update RSS sources, open external links of RSS feed
  • Supports downloading from popular file hosting sites
  • BT search plugins to find torrents online
  • Watched Folder to monitor new torrents and start download tasks automatically
  • Auto extract downloaded files
  • Advanced schedule for BT and eMule downloads
  • Download/upload bandwidth control (BT/eMule/FTP/HTTP/NZB)
  • Supports saving up to 5 different BitTorrent search results.
  • View previews for BT videos and pictures

Note Station


  • Create notes and categorize them into notebooks
  • Arrange notebooks into shelves (three-tier file structure: Shelf, Notebook, and Note)
  • Save web content from websites with Synology Web Clipper (a Chrome plugin that you can download here)
  • Edit notes with a rich text editor
  • Edit location information of a note
  • Display notes in card view and snippet view
  • Attach files of various formats to notes
  • Upload attachments by dragging and dropping from your computer or from File Station
  • Preview audio, video, photo, and document attachments with DSM embedded players/viewers
  • Insert and preview Youtube videos in notes
  • Restore notes from previous versions
  • Encrypt content and attachments in notes with AES 256-bit standard
  • Tag notes to manage and search them efficiently
  • Display a note in presentation mode
  • Use advanced search to search content with multiple criteria
  • Archive seldomly used notebooks
  • Share notebooks and notes via a shared link with view-only permissions
  • Share notebooks and notes to other Note Station users and assign view-only or editing permissions
  • Share notes via DSM built-in email application
  • Supports package backup
  • Supports LDAP and AD accounts
  • Resolve note version conflicts with note conflict handling

Import and Export

  • Export notebooks to an nsx file for backup or for importing to another Synology NAS
  • Export individual notes as HTML files so that users without Note Station can read them
  • Import notebooks and notes from Evernote
  • Import notebooks and notes from a Note Station .nsx file

To-do List

  • Add tasks to notes or add them independently to the to-do list
  • Manage tasks by specifying a priority, due date, and reminder
  • Set a reminder to get DSM notifications
  • Manage upcoming tasks by using the default categories: All, Overdue, Today, and Next 7 days

iTunes Server

  • Supported audio formats: AAC, AIFF, APE, Apple Lossless, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4P, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMA PRO, WMA VBR.
  • Supported video formats: MOV, MP4, M4V
  • Supported playlist formats: M3U, WPL, PLS
  • Optional password protection
  • Supports displaying album covers

System Requirements

  • iTunes 10 or later on Windows and Mac


  • Home Sharing feature which requires you to sign in with an Apple ID is not supported.


Central Management System

  • Monitor the health and availability of managed servers
  • Receive system notifications from managed servers
  • Create server groups and define policies in order to apply settings to entire server groups
  • Keep each server up-to-date by performing software updates
  • Delegate administrator permissions to specific users or groups on CMS host, allowing delegated users to administer specific servers or server groups

Accounts & Privileges

  • Customizable permissions for individual folders and files according to users and groups
  • Application permissions for users, groups, and IP addresses
  • Encrypted login without SSL for web and mobile apps
  • Volume quotas to control the maximum amount of storage space used by each user
  • File transfer speed limits for users and groups
  • Self-service password recovery for non-admin users

Directory Service

  • Active Directory
    • Trusted Domain Support
  • LDAP Server
    • Google Apps Single Sign-On Integration
  • LDAP client
    • OpenLDAP
    • IBM domino
    • Customized Profile

Apps supporting LDAP/AD users

  • SMB
  • FTP
  • WebDAV
  • File Station
  • Network Backup
  • Cloud Station
  • Cloud Sync
  • Audio Station
  • Video Station
  • Mail Service
  • Surveillance Station
  • Personal Web Station
  • Photo Station
  • VPN Server
  • Note Station

System Requirements

  • Windows Domain: Windows Server 2003 Active Directory or later
  • LDAP server: LDAP standard version 3 (RFC2251)

Network Management


  • Translate the domain name of your Synology NAS to an IP address
  • Multiple DDNS providers
  • Synology Heartbeat service DDNS server
  • Supports custom DDNS provider profiles


  • Express Setup: UPnP & NAT-PMP routers support
  • Advanced Setup: Log in to router with admin account
  • Supports custom ports for router port-forwarding rules
  • Provide router port accessibility test to ensure the forwarding ports can be accessed from internet



  • Send notification messages via SMS, email, or other push services when system status changes or errors occur
  • Customized event types that will trigger the system to send notification messages


  • Supports local UPS over USB
  • Act as a Synology network UPS server, sharing UPS device status with other Synology NAS
  • Supports SNMP UPS device and management card

Resource Monitor

  • CPU, RAM, disks, and network usage status
  • Volume/iSCSI LUN usage status
  • Resource usage history
  • Current user connections
  • Status of file transferring managed by Speed Limit

Task Scheduler

  • Scheduled tasks can automatically perform the following actions:
  • Run user-defined scripts
  • Empty Recycle Bins
  • Emit beep sounds
  • Start/stop services


  • Telnet/SSH
  • Custom SSH cipher list
  • Supports SSH hardware accelerated ciphers


All-in-one Server

SSO Server

  • Register multiple web applications or DSM to allow single sign-on

Proxy Server

  • Cache data to memory and disks
  • Access control to allow or deny any specific source IP or destination domain
  • Access Logs
  • Transparent Proxy for Wi-Fi hotspots

DHCP Server

  • Multiple subnets support
  • Address reservation of MAC addresses


  • Set TFTP client permission to read only or read/write
  • Set allowed clients by IP range

DNS Server

  • Master and slave zones
  • Forward and reverse domain resolution
  • NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SPF, SRV, TXT records
  • TSIG (Transfer Signature) keys
  • Split-horizon DNS

Mail Service

Mail Server

  • Provide mail services with SMTP, IMAP, POP3 protocol
  • SMTP authorization
  • SSL secured connection
  • SMTP Relay with optional TLS secured connection
  • Multiple SMTP domains
  • Personal auto-forwarding and auto-reply rules
  • Customizable maximum size of single mail; auto BCC rules; mail black and white list; and SMTP/SMTPS port number
  • Historical email activity chart (past 1, 7 and 30 days)
  • Email activity chart by mail quantity and email service bandwidth
  • Create alias for local users, groups, existing aliases and external mailboxes
  • Spamassassin filter engine and DNS-based blackhole list spam filter
  • Virus scan in mail attachments with ClamAV (available on Synology NAS with 512MB or more RAM)
  • Mail service activity log
  • Mail queue monitoring
  • Scan messages for potentially dangerous content
  • Send daily reports including summaries of hourly traffic, delivered/received messages, deferred/rejected messages, SMTP delivery failures, warnings, and the quantity of senders and recipients
  • Daily sending quota to limit each user's outbound mails
  • Support LDAP/AD account
  • Supports SPF/DKIM and DMARC sender validation
  • Customizable auto-reply message
  • Use attachment filter to block specified file extensions

Mail Station

  • Webmail interface for Mail Server
  • Receiving mails from multiple POP3 mailboxes
  • Customizable SMTP server

Log Center

  • Events per second: 50-3000
  • Historical log activity chart
  • Archiving logs by specified time, number of logs, the data size, and different hosts
  • Download archives as HTML or CSV files
  • Proactive email notification according to log severity or specified keywords
  • Customize log transferring protocol
  • Customized log formats
  • Advanced log search engine
  • SSL connection
  • Log rotation: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year

VPN Service

  • Supported VPN protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec
  • Connection list and management
  • Configuration log for audit trail
  • Enable VPN connections on selected LAN port
  • Privilege settings to allow VPN connections for selected users
  • PPTP authentication: MS-CHAP2 and PAP
  • Encryption modes: No MPPE, MPPE (40 or 128 bit), MPPE (128 bit)
  • PPTP manual DNS support
  • OpenVPN transmission compression
  • See the maximum connections for different models

Web Server

  • Personal Web Station for each user
  • PHP & MariaDB Support
  • Virtual Hosts hosting up to 30 websites
  • Maximum active connections: 256
  • SPDY v3.0 Support
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Support

Print Server

  • Supports connecting up to two USB printers
  • Connect to network printers - IPP, LPD, Socker and BJNP printers
  • Share printers via LPR, CIFS, IPP
  • Share printers via printer Google Cloud Print (See the compatibility list)
  • Multi Functional Print Server (for Windows PC only)


  • Static Route Multiple Gateways
  • IPv6 Tunnel
  • PPPoE
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
    • UPnP Internet Gateway
    • PPPoE relay

Wireless Hotspot

  • Available built-in Wi-Fi models or supported USB Wi-Fi adapters
  • WPS Settings


  • Supported Protocols: PAP,MS-CHAP,PEAP,EAP-MSCHAPv2,EAP-TTLS


Data Safety

Synology High Availability

  • Form a high-availability cluster with two identical Synology NAS servers in order to minimize downtime
  • Automatic failover in the following situations: CIFS/iSCSI/FTP/AFP/NFS service failure; power outage; storage space crash; data network disconnection.
  • VLAN support
  • After creating a cluster with Synology High Availability, the max number of volumes and block-level iSCSI LUNs will be limited to 64.


  • High Availability is incompatible with DHCP Server.


Security Advisor

  • Malware Detection and removal
  • Account and password, network-related, System-related security scan
  • DSM and packages version check

Firewall & Traffic Control

  • Allow/deny access to selected ports or services for specific IP addresses
  • Create firewall rules based on geographic region
  • Traffic Control according to services and TCP/UDP ports
  • DDoS protection
  • VPN pass-through

AntiVirus Essential

  • AntiVirus Essential powered by ClamAV scanning engine
  • Full system scan
  • Scheduled scan
  • White List to exclude files from being scanned
  • Automatic update of virus definitions

AntiVirus by McAfee

  • Full system scan
  • Scheduled scan
  • White List to exclude files from being scanned
  • Automatic update of virus definitions
  • Available on specific models only. Please see this product comparison page to learn more.

Auto Block

  • Block after specified number of attempts
  • Custom expiration time
  • Black and White List

Certificate Management

  • Web Apps (HTTPS) and WebDAV
  • Mail Services
  • RADIUS Server

2-step verification

  • Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol
  • 2-step verification enforcement for admin groups or all users.


Storage Solutions

Storage Management

  • Synology Hybrid RAID, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10 (*Some RAID types are available on select models only. Please try the RAID calculator for details)
  • Global Hot Spare for RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6
  • Data Scrubbing for RAID 5, RAID 6, and SHR (composed of three or more disks)
  • Single Volume on RAID
  • Multiple Volumes on RAID (Disk Group)
  • RAID Group and RAID Array
  • File system for internal disks: ext4
  • File system for external disks: ext4, ext3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+
  • HDD Hibernation
  • Scheduled S.M.A.R.T. tests
  • Dynamic Bad Sector Mapping
  • SSD cache support (Kindly check the availability)
    • Requires 2 SSDs teamed for read-write caching



iSCSI LUN Snapshot and Clone

  • Each LUN supports up to 256 snapshots
  • Each LUN snapshot/clone requires 1/1024 original LUN size
  • Scheduled LUN snapshots
  • LUN snapshot can be cloned and mounted as a regular LUN
  • Restore LUN from snapshot
  • Each LUN can perform one snapshot or clone task at the same time
  • Up to eight concurrent LUN snapshot/clone tasks
  • iSCSI LUN Snapshot and Clone are available on specific models only.
  • Synology Snapshot Manager is available on VMware vSphere 5.1 or later, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2 for taking application consistent snapshot.
  • On VMware vSphere, Synology Snapshot Manager supports up to 3 maximum concurrent snapshot tasks.


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